SKU: 05G1401
Size: 3/4" X 10" post 8"cap.
Description: Veritas Hold Down
Cast Dog Leg Clamp
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Arm and body made from za-12 alloy; machined steel post; solid brass clamping knob

  • 10" post, 8" clamping capacity, 8" throat capacity
  • retrofit shorter hold-down post available separately; 5-1/2" long, provides about 4" of clamping capacity
  • with arm free to pivot independently, all levered forces are exerted downward, without any losses due to horizontal slippage from canting action of hold-down post
  • clamping force is infinitely variable by tightening clamping knob
  • fine barb-shaped grooves on post resist upward forces
  • patented
  • Instruction Guide